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North Battleford, SK, CANADA

The International Cat Association

The Cat Fanciers' Association, INC


About Prairieheart

We are a TICA and CFA Registered Cattery located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Being a registered Cattery means we sit in good standing with both Associations, we breed and keep our Cattery at their Regulatory Standards. We also show our cats within TICA to ensure we are breeding to the Devon Rex Standard. We have 5 children, a dog and our lovely cats! We all love animals and love taking care of them. We got our first Devon Rex about 8 years ago, we fell in love, and needless to say, we couldn't stop with just one. The Cattery is operated in our home. We breed for health first, confirmation and temperament second and always with plenty of loving homes available. You will not find us breeding to sell kittens on Kijiji or other advertisement sites. All of our Cats are thoroughly tested for FeLV, FIV, PKD, CMS, and many other genetic disorders. 

Please do your research and be fully informed about all aspects of the Devon Rex breed. Devon Rex cats are NOT hypoallergenic, rather, some people with allergies can tolerate them more than other breeds. I will not go into detail about breed type or personality. Every other website does a great job with that. If you have allergies I highly recommend you visit a Devon Rex prior to deciding you'd like one. 

Our Team

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