1.  How much does a Prairieheart Devon Rex kitten cost?

Our Devons are priced based on quality and breed standard. We may assess each litter separately based on Show achievement and quality of the parents of the litter. If there is a specific Devon Rex kitten you are inquiring about, or a specific litter please contact us directly. Devon Rex average cost is $1800 - 2000 CAD for a neutered kitten. Please remember, this includes vetting, health testing, health guarantee, TICA registration, the list goes on...

2.  Why can't I join the Waitlist if it is full?

Our Waitlist is currently approximately 2-3 years. We try to choose homes with the kitten's personality in mind, but also based on the preference and compatibility of the homes waiting, in order of how long they have been waiting. We cannot continuously add new homes as it is an overwhelming number of people to converse with and the wait times would no longer be reasonable. Rest assured, as the number goes down, we will open the list to new families.

3.  How do I get approved for a Cat? What is required of me?

The waitlist is open to anyone wanting to buy a Devon Rex based on our conditions. If the list is open, you can contact us and add your name for when we have kittens available in the list's respective order. To be "approved" for a kitten from us, we do require an application be filled out in full and that your home be suitable and able to provide all the amenities for one of our cats, who are used to being spoiled! After the application is returned to us, we may have other questions or topics we will need to discuss with you prior to approving your home. If you qualify for one of our cats, we will then do our best to match you with a kitten who is available that would compliment your life-style. You will be required to place a $500 CAD non-refundable deposit to hold a specific kitten. You are also required to pick up your kitten in person when it is ready to leave the Cattery.

4.  Where is your Cattery located? Do you deliver cats or offer shipping?

We are located in North Batteford, Saskatchewan, Canada. We do not currently deliver or offer shipping but we are looking into various "Pet Nanny" companies that may be able to offer door-to-door delivery of your kitten. You are also welcome to arrange your own (flight) transportation at your own cost/risk and we are able to accommodate getting your kitten to Regina, SK airport at a fee.

5.  What are Devon Rex cats like? What is notable about the breed?

The Devon Rex is often called the Pixie of the cat world. They sport widely set, large ears, a short curly coat and a BIG personality. They are also described as a 'monkey in a cat suit'. What you can expect is they generally want the same attention as a puppy, they like to be active and busy and they are also heat-seeking missiles when it comes to the evening, requiring a warm, soft blanket or lap to cuddle into. They do need a lot of attention, can be quite mischievous and do require a little grooming when it comes to their large ears and coat type. Read more.

6.  Can I become a Devon Rex breeder too?

Yes you can! The Cat Fanciers are a group of people lovingly devoted and dedicated to Breed Preservation. The goal of being a "Breeder" is to keep the breed going while reducing/eliminating any breed specific health issues by testing for and selectively breeding Pedigree cats that are healthy and fit the breed standard. If you are serious about breeding, the first step is to go to cat shows, find a mentor, buy a show quality (neutered) cat and start showing and learning about the breed. You must be part of a Registered Cat Association. There has to be a high level of dedication put into becoming a quality breeder. Breeding is NOT done as a way to make money, in fact, you would require access to a very large sum of money to successfully run a Cattery. Relationships with other Breeders are everything!

7.  Why can't I come meet the cats before committing to the Waitlist? How do I know if I will be allergic to the Devon Rex or not?

First of all- COVID 19! Second- stranger danger! Third- NO cat is hypo-allergenic! Fourth -the waitlist is commitment free! We cannot risk our health or the health of our close loved ones(and cats) by exposing ourselves(and cats) to any virus or illness brought in (unintentionally) by a visitor. We try to keep a very open view of our day to day lives and our cats personalities for everyone so that you can see what our cats are like. We also keep our Cattery 100% in our family home. Would you invite stranger after stranger daily to your home to touch your pets and disrupt your security and daily routine? If you are unsure about Cat allergies, please contact your family physician or allergist to discuss whether bringing in a Devon Rex would be tolerable to your health. Please note: we will not home ANY of our cats to anyone who has a child in their care with a cat allergy. NO EXCEPTIONS!

8.  Do you ever have adult cats or Retired show/breeding cat available for adoption?

Yes we do. But remember, we keep a waitlist and we interview families for suitability, so chances are by the time an adult cat is available or a retired cat is ready to find a home, we have most likely chosen one from our waitlist. While an adult may be offered for sale at a reduced price, their age, and quality will be taken into account when we are pricing them. Adults may also have specific needs so we will still have to choose the most suitable home based on the cat's best interest. If you are interested in an adult cat, please join our waitlist or watch the "Available" tab on this page or on our Facebook page, for any upcoming retirees.

9.  Why do you sell kittens after 13-16 weeks old and why do you spay/neuter the kitten before I get it? What if I would prefer to alter the cat at an older age?

We chose the age of 13-16 weeks as kittens are more socially mature at this age. Devon Rex are generally smaller than the average housecat, meaning the kittens are smaller until an older age. At 15 weeks old the kittens have learned a lot from their Mother and littermates and are a better size to undergo surgery. Also as part of a Registered Cattery, we have sworn to a Code of Ethics not to home any kitten prior to it having at least two rounds of immunizations. We have chosen ESN (early spay/neuter) for the health and happiness of our kittens. Our goal as responsible breeders is to not overload the animal rescues with unwanted pets. By spaying/neutering our kittens we have peace of mind knowing that the kittens we brought into this world had a loving home waiting for them and they will not be procreating unwanted or potentially unhealthy offspring. Rigorous testing and specific types of cats are used for breeding, not every cat is meant to breed! Breeding Devon Rex is not for amateur breeders. We also prefer to take on all the risk, cost, complications and even possible death, associated with surgery. Intact cats are more prone to certain types of cancers, pyometra(uterine infection), risk of "running away" while in heat, spraying, and unplanned pregnancy. We prefer to give our cats the best chance possible. A spay due to pyometra can cost $800-1000+. Not to mention, breeders who perpetually send out unfixed cats are inevitably going to sell to "backyard breeders" (people that decide to make money by breeding their pets, often cutting every corner possible in order to maximize profit, or people who just want to raise a litter for family/friends). This increases the rate of genetic health issues with the breed and those that didn't do proper home screening and their cats ended up surrendered to animal shelters or rescues. We understand the pros to spaying/neutering cats at a slightly older age, however we are not flexible with this policy in our Cattery. If you want to buy a kitten with the intention to breed, please read #6 and be open with breeders on what you want. As mentioned, not every cat is meant to be a breeding cat, and costs for a DNA tested, healthy and show quality Devon Rex for breeding can be upwards of $3000!

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